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Erotic comix – Sinbad and the blue nymph

Hey there once more guys and gals, and as always welcome back to another superb and sexy taboo drawings update. For this week we bring you a very popular adventurer getting around to have some fun with a cute and sexy babe at sea. You know how long the trips get, and well you have to take whatever you can get. And since this babe decided to seduce the wrong guy, our hero here was pretty much willing to fuck her nice and hard as well. So sit back and watch this superb comic with the hero and this temptress today guys!


This nymph is a creature that regularly seduces guys into coming and joining her in the water and then drowning them. Well the guy wasn’t going to be tricked that easy, and he fooled her into coming aboard his ship. Well once she was on, you can imagine that she had no way out as well. Sit back and watch as Sinbad removes her sexy long dress revealing one amazing and sexy body that just shined amazingly under the sun with that sexy blue skin of hers. Anyway, sit back and watch as she gets fucked hard and pleased by the lucky guy!


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