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Erotic comix – Naughty brunette and the transsexual god

Erotic comix is here to show off some nice and fresh scenes with some very very hot and sexy babes for today. We bring you one superb and sexy comic with a pair of babes that have some fun all alone in a dark cave today. The cuties in question are a cute short haired babe that was just a bit too horny for her own good, and a sexy female spirit that happened to inhabit the said cave. And you can just imagine what came out of all this today. So let’s get started without further due shall we?

The spirit was quick to notice that her “victim” was all naked and pleasing herself and since she doesn’t get that much action herself she materialized a cock and she decided to help her new buddy’s pussy out today. Sit back and watch the busty spirit lady as she finger fucks our brunette first and foremost to get her wet and ready for that nice and big dick that she has. And you get to see the short haired babe moaning in pleasure as the other chick fucks her nice and deep with her big cock today. Enjoy it and see you soon! Until then, check out the site and watch some furry animals making out!


 See this naughty brunette getting fucked by that god!